From Los Angeles, to Davis and then to Seoul, South Korea, my camera has always been with me. I got my first camera as a graduation present from middle school, but it wasn't until I got my first digital camera at the age of 13, I had the freedom to explore and find new ways of seeing the world around me. My artistic background had always made me see things in ways that others don't, but my camera made it easier to share my vision with others.  I moved back to LA in December of 2017, and now work as a photographer! 

Let's work together! 

Select Features & Interviews


The Creators Project
Bracket Magazine, South Korea
Spick Children's Magazine, Switzerland
Bedrock, Seoul 


Hi Fructose
Vanity Fair Italy
Design Taxi
Busan Haps Magazine
Hello Giggles
Yahoo News
Kuchnia Magazine, Poland
The Guardian
Laughing Squid
Creativity in Photography Book
Journal Du Design
A Plus
Moi Magazine, Mexico
Design Boom
Huffington Post
Korea Herald
The Creative Review                                  


Citizen Brooklyn
Lost at E Minor                                                                    
VICE - The Creators Project              
The Guardian
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